Delegate Selection

            It will not be hard to run for Delegate.  If you want to run as the nominee of the Republican or Democratic Party, you and up to two others in your Senate District can join in collecting petition signatures.  If more than three people in a Senate District collect the required 1,000 signatures, you run in a primary.  If you are among the top three in the primary, you then run in the general election.           

            You can skip the primary step by running as an independent.  The New York election law says that independents have to run on a ballot line headed the name and emblem of a nominating body.  This means that no more than three of you can join using that name and emblem to collect the required 3,000 signatures for independent candidacy.  Any registered voter in the Senate District can sign an independent nominating petition whereas a petition for a party position must be signed by a party member.          

            A suit was brought in federal court challenging the name and emblem requirement as compelled speech in violation of the First Amendment.   The trial judge thought that the claim was not ripe, and that decision was appealed to the Second Circuit.   That Court held that there was no standing prior to a vote on whether to hold a constitutional convention in part because independent candidates do not have to be affiliated with any actual party or political group and can run under the name "Non-Partisan.  Having a good choice of independent candidates will encourage a Convention that is not run on party lines but rather one where all of the Delegates have a meaningful voice. 

             All the voters of New York will also elect 15 at large Delegates.  A group of independent candidates can run at large in the general election by collecting 15,000 signatures across the state.   A name and emblem chosen by an at large independent candidate or slate of independent candidate can not be used by any Senate District candidate without permission.  Parties can nominate 15 at large candidates at convention.  People can also petition for party nomination by collecting 15,000 signatures across the State.

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  • commented 2017-10-29 08:46:35 -0400
    Can I sign more than one petition within my district? In other words, can I sign for a group of delegates who may be running as a team so as to get to the required number sooner?

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